Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scrapping with mom

Yesterday I went to my mothers. She just got back from a 8 week vacation and she wanted to show me some of her pictures that she was on her way to pick up from Walmart. I was meet her at her house and she should be back home before I got there and then we were gonna spend the scrapping.
When she got home she said that they had lost her pictures. She took 8,000 while on this vacation. I'm sorry but I don't know how you would lose that many pictures. Anyways they made it up to her and said that they would reprint and not charge her. That is good because that could to have been expensive.
I took Gypsy with me because I have several cartridges that she don't have. Actually the ones that she has is because I bought them for me and found out when I got home I already had them, so I have them to her. I didn't get any scrapping for myself done but I did make some stuff for her that way when she gets her pictures she can get some of them scrapped and then I can look at them. I think that it would be nice to see themthat way anyways.


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